I am a patient of Doctor Huegel's as of July 3rd, 2014. To date, I have lost a total of 22 pounds. This is the first diet plan that has shown great success for me - and I've been on several over the years. I find the shakes and bars delicious and satisfying. The one on one with Doctor Huegel and Lisa is very informative. It's just amazing how much I have learned! I highly recommend this awesome weight loss and life-changing program!
- B.D., from Yelp.com

What Our Patients Say...

"Are you sure the Strawberry Smoothies are on my program?"......"they tasted too good to be true...it must be a mistake!" Those were my words after my 1st Smoothie! They are better than any smoothie I've ever tasted. I love the products, the program and, especially, Dr. Huegel! I've seen amazing results, having only been on the program for a short period of time. But more importantly, I feel terrific and quite frankly, a lot of my medical problems have disappeared! Tremendous thanks to wonderful Dr. Huegel....she is so inspiring and takes really good care of me each week. Also, she is surrounded and supported by the best staff ever.....Lisa, Calvette, Rose and Bev....what a Team!!!!! Keep those Strawberry Smoothies coming!!!!!...... J.S.


My experience with Dr Huegel and the staff of Medimorphosis has been wonderful! I feel supported and guided. My weight loss has been a true team effort!
Thank you all for helping me!


"I'm at a certain age where I thought I'd never lose weight and never be able to change my body - but I did. Dr. Huegel was amazing! I lost a total of 30 lbs., which was more than my original goal."

J.M., Tinton Falls, NJ


"I lost 70 lbs. with Dr. Huegel's help and my confidence level is finally back! I lost all of my pregnancy pounds - and then some. I feel great about my self and have never been in better shape in my life. I'm also off of my diabetes medication! What's truly terrific is the fact that Dr. Huegel has taught me to think differently so now I know what to do to keep the weight off forever."

C.C., Freehold, NJ


"Everyone at the office is very sweet and helpful. Dr. Huegel has a great understanding of weight loss issues. This has been the only place I've been to where I have been able to KEEP IT OFF!"

L.H., Rumson, NJ


"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it here!"

R.V., Marlboro, NJ



Dr. Huegel and her staff have provided exemplary medical care and support during my weight loss journey. Their commitment to their patient's success is evident through outstanding program options, honest, frequent communication with patients, and a genuine desire to see patients succeed. Dr. Huegel and her office staff exude warmth for their patients and enthusiasm for their weight loss plans. In addition, they view themselves as constant learners in the field of weight loss. Their commitment to professional growth enables them to share new ideas and strategies with individual patients as needed and stay on the "cutting edge" regarding weight loss plans. Personally, I have been very successful with Medimorphosis- Physician Assisted Weight Loss. This is due to their approach. For Dr. Heugel and her staff, weight loss involves more than just a number on a scale. Each weekly visit includes more than just a "weigh in". There are physical exams, blood work, blood pressure checks, body composition analyses, and an open discussion of patient concerns, questions, and feelings. Dr. Huegel 's priority is that I feel well and remain healthy while losing weight. I highly recommend Medimorphosis Physician Assisted Weight loss. - G.D., from Yelp.com
I am a patient of Doctor Huegel's as of July 3rd, 2014. To date, I have lost a total of 22 pounds. This is the first diet plan that has shown great success for me - and I've been on several over the years. I find the shakes and bars delicious and satisfying. The one on one with Doctor Huegel and Lisa is very informative. It's just amazing how much I have learned! I highly recommend this awesome weight loss and life-changing program! - B.D., from Yelp.com
First and foremost, Dr. Huegel is a fantastic person. Every appointment I've had with her, no matter the time of day or how busy the office has been she always has a smile on her face. Out of any physician I've ever had, whether it be my GP, a specialist I've seen, or even a one-time physician at a clinic or hospital, she has by far the best rapport with patients. Losing weight can be a very difficult task, and having someone like Dr. Huegel supporting you makes it so much easier. I've lost about 40 pounds in about 3 months time (Starting at 225 and dropping to 185 as a 5'9" 24 year old male) which is incredible. The food will help you drop weight. It even tastes pretty good. She has helped me change my former thoughts on how to eat with ones that will me help maintain my goal weight of 160. If you are even debating if you're ready to take the step to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way (and enjoy every minute of it thanks to all the extra energy!) stop thinking. Just call her office and make an appointment. I guarantee you will lose the weight and keep it off as long as you follow her program! - A.S., from Yelp.com
Like many other overweight people, I've tried diets and programs over many years yielding little or no success. I heard about others getting success with Dr. Huegel. I went for an initial consultation and signed up right away. In the 3 months that I've been with Medimorphosis, I have lost close to 30 pounds and been able to follow the program with ease. Dr. Huegel works closely with her patients to understand their individual challenges, then develops a plan to address the challenges and help them succeed. I'm getting close to my goal weight and never dreamed I would be this fit and feel this good again!! - L.C., from Yelp.com
“I feel really grateful for finding Medimorphosis. I am feeling better today than yesterday, and I know I will feel even better tomorrow. I am stronger and more in control. Thank you Dr. Huegel and her fabulous fun staff!” C.M. - Oceanport, NJ
“I lost weight and gained so much! I used to say I couldn’t lose weight because I’m not a loser, but I found out that along with losing the weight, I’m gaining energy, health, I look better and have more self -confidence.” M.B., East Brunswick - East Brunswick
“Fail to plan, plan to fail. I started my food based program 3 weeks ago. It’s working very well for me. I am losing weight every week, I am NOT hungry, feeling great and have a lot more energy.” Rumson - S.M.K.,East Brunswick
“I can’t believe what my old eating habits were doing for me. I feel so much better and have so much more energy, not to mention my cholesterol went way down—no need for meds!” D.M. Middletown - Middletown
“I love this program! It’s my 3rd week and nothing has ever been easier to follow ---I know it’s going to work!” -
“I felt a lump & realized it was a bone I haven’t felt in years!” -
"I have been able to reduce my blood pressure medication, lower my insulin, and my blood sugar has been fine. I feel great, have lots of energy, and find it much easier walking and climbing stairs". B.L. - Point Pleasant, NJ
"I smile when I get the confirmation call for my appointment. I came here thinking I would just lose a few pounds, but now I've lost over 30, feel better than ever, and look forward to coming here every week! Forget about the fact that I’ve gone down 5” in my waist; the unexpected benefit of not having my legs swell is utterly remarkable! " T.S. - Cranford, NJ
From the minute you walk in to Dr. Huegel's office you sense positive energy. Everyone is very personable. I feel very comfortable when I come for my visits. C.F. - Ocean, NJ
"The shakes are FANTASTIC! This program is so easy-- I didn't expect it to be so easy!" E.C., Middletown, NJ - Middletown, NJ
“Not only do I feel great on the inside, but I look great on the outside! L.C., Freehold - Freehold, NJ
" Since I have been seeing you weekly and using the Medimorphosis Weight Loss Program, I have learned so much about nutritional food values, including choosing the correct foods that contain lower sodium along with higher protein. I have come to realize, over the past two months, that all those years of yo-yo dieting on other programs never taught me how to make better choices with my food. I have learned so much from you in such a short period of time. Thank you." Pat P. - Shrewsbury, NJ
Sometimes you need outside help to get on track, and Medimorphosis has done that for me. The structured program along with one on one counselling keeps me focused, and on track--- guaranteed success! P.S. - P.S. Little Silver
Dr. Huegel helped me lose over 100 lbs. by motivating me to eat and exercise properly. I have tried all kinds of programs, but hers has been by far the most successful. Her encouragement and counseling at every session has made me want to continue this type of lifestyle for the rest of my life. - B.S., Monmouth Beach, NJ
Thank you, Dr. Huegel for literally changing my life and giving me the confidence to reach my goals once and for all. As opposed to other weight loss programs (I have tried them all!) this is the one I know will stick forever. This is not a diet, it is a life changing plan. - M.P., Keasbey, NJ
Knowing that this was a safe and healthy program, using real food, was the main reason I started. Seeing so many positive results, and having fun along the way, is what has been keeping me coming. - C.C., Freehold, NJ
After several weight loss attempts over the last ten years, Dr. Huegel's program and guidance have helped me to reach my goal weight. The one on one attention was particularly helpful and she really helped me stay focused on my goals. I finally feel in control of my cravings and diet. I feel educated rather than obsessed about food and portions. Dr. Huegel's personal touch, encouragement and knowledge have made the difference for me.  - L.H., Monmouth Beach, NJ
Dr. Huegel has a very gentle way of encouraging you to face the reality of your weight problems in a very positive way.  She also has the ability to encourage you to change your past thoughts and progress towards a new lifestyle.  I really enjoyed the bars and chips as well, they really help. - F.T., Middletown, NJ
When I see Dr. Huegel, I feel like I am home. She makes you feel so comfortable. It's the thing I look forward to all week. - B.D., Atlantic Highlands, NJ