Dr. Huegel and her staff have provided exemplary medical care and support during my weight loss journey. Their commitment to their patient's success is evident through outstanding program options, honest, frequent communication with patients, and a genuine desire to see patients succeed. Dr. Huegel and her office staff exude warmth for their patients and enthusiasm for their weight loss plans. In addition, they view themselves as constant learners in the field of weight loss. Their commitment to professional growth enables them to share new ideas and strategies with individual patients as needed and stay on the "cutting edge" regarding weight loss plans. Personally, I have been very successful with Medimorphosis- Physician Assisted Weight Loss. This is due to their approach. For Dr. Heugel and her staff, weight loss involves more than just a number on a scale. Each weekly visit includes more than just a "weigh in". There are physical exams, blood work, blood pressure checks, body composition analyses, and an open discussion of patient concerns, questions, and feelings. Dr. Huegel 's priority is that I feel well and remain healthy while losing weight. I highly recommend Medimorphosis Physician Assisted Weight loss.
- G.D., from Yelp.com


When Results Can't Wait

When appropriate for some of our patients, NutriMed meal replacement products can be used to achieve rapid weight loss. There is a wide variety of delicious products such as shakes, puddings, nutrition bars, smoothies and soups. Some of the benefits of NutriMed include:

  • Helps you burn fat stores in your body more efficiently
  • Protects your lean muscle mass
  • Puts your body in a fat-burning state
  • Is convenient
  • Is a complete nutritional program
  • Fits your needs to go anywhere from rapid to a conservative weight loss
  • Often helps patients get off of medication for things such as high blood pressure or diabetes


 As always, Dr. Huegel will also be teaching behavior modification techniques so that your weight loss results will last a lifetime.