“I lost weight and gained so much! I used to say I couldn’t lose weight because I’m not a loser, but I found out that along with losing the weight, I’m gaining energy, health, I look better and have more self -confidence.” M.B., East Brunswick
- East Brunswick


When Results Can't Wait

When appropriate for some of our patients, NutriMed meal replacement products can be used to achieve rapid weight loss. There is a wide variety of delicious products such as shakes, puddings, nutrition bars, smoothies and soups. Some of the benefits of NutriMed include:

  • Helps you burn fat stores in your body more efficiently
  • Protects your lean muscle mass
  • Puts your body in a fat-burning state
  • Is convenient
  • Is a complete nutritional program
  • Fits your needs to go anywhere from rapid to a conservative weight loss
  • Often helps patients get off of medication for things such as high blood pressure or diabetes


 As always, Dr. Huegel will also be teaching behavior modification techniques so that your weight loss results will last a lifetime.