" Since I have been seeing you weekly and using the Medimorphosis Weight Loss Program, I have learned so much about nutritional food values, including choosing the correct foods that contain lower sodium along with higher protein. I have come to realize, over the past two months, that all those years of yo-yo dieting on other programs never taught me how to make better choices with my food. I have learned so much from you in such a short period of time. Thank you." Pat P.
- Shrewsbury, NJ

Starting Your Weight Loss Journey - One Step at a Time

The First Step is Easy -- Call for a Consultation!

The first thing you will notice when you step through the door is that we have a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Our certified, behavioral counselor, Lisa Kaplan, will meet with you individually because no two weight loss journeys are ever identical. You may request to meet with one of our doctors during your consultation for medically related questions. You will learn about our unique and comprehensive weight loss programs in a private and non-judmental environment. Details about our research-based food plans and physical activity counseling will be discussed along with hearing about our use of body composition analysis, medical monitoring, medications and supplements and the use of cognitive behavioral techniques. These techniques help patients achieve motivation and behavioral changes to have you start thinking differently in order to make permanent changes in your mind - in your body - in your life. If you like what you hear, you will schedule your first visit, which is a comprehensive medical evaluation including extensive history, physical exam, EKG, bloodwork and program design. You leave a small deposit to hold your 90 minute first appointment and you'll walk out with the excitement and hope that comes with knowing you're about to change your life.

Call us at (732) 389-0131 to schedule a consultation.