“I love this program! It’s my 3rd week and nothing has ever been easier to follow ---I know it’s going to work!”

Featured Food Tip

Healthy Lifestyle Tips
From our Behavioral Counselor Lisa Kaplan
"The 1st taste of something decadent is the same as the 10th, the difference is that there is lots of guilt in the 10th. Learn to savor the first, it will save you the guilt!"
"To stay in control when going to a function such as a dinner party, bring healthy food to your host/hostess instead of flowers or wine. Here are some suggestions: veggie platter, chicken kabobs, salad, etc...they will be thrilled with your donation, & you will have healthy choices!" 

"If you bite it, you write it"

"Journaling is SO important to keep track of the food you eat. It's a great tool to keep you honest, and may even stop you from nibbling bad food choices throughout your day."