I am a patient of Doctor Huegel's as of July 3rd, 2014. To date, I have lost a total of 22 pounds. This is the first diet plan that has shown great success for me - and I've been on several over the years. I find the shakes and bars delicious and satisfying. The one on one with Doctor Huegel and Lisa is very informative. It's just amazing how much I have learned! I highly recommend this awesome weight loss and life-changing program!
- B.D., from Yelp.com

Here are our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Would I use pre-packaged food? (click for answer)
    You will use regular grocery food with the addition of delicious, high protein NutriMed snacks or you may opt for all meal replacements with NutriMed products. There is a choice of shakes/puddings, soups, smoothies and bars in a variety of flavors. You can even use Dr. Huegel's strategies to enjoy meals out at restaurants.
  • Will I follow a menu plan? (click for answer)
    You will eat what you normally enjoy but each week you will need to track what you eat, in a journal. Dr. Huegel will give you a calorie range to stay within that is calculated according to you body's metabolism, measured through body composition analysis. In addition, she will provide basic guidelines which will be the framework of your food plan. She will make suggestions based on your journal in order for you to make healthier choices and/or smaller portions. We also feature a Recipe of the Week in the waiting room - take a copy home with you! If it is best for the patient to follow our various NutriMed programs, then meal replacements will be used for either all or some of each day's meal plan.
  • How much weight can I expect to lose each week? (click for answer)
    The program is designed for a 1 - 2 pound weight loss each week; but, everyone is different so results do vary. If anything is getting in the way of your weight loss, such as low motivation, lack of knowledge or any medical issues, Dr. Huegel will get to the bottom of it and together, the situation will be corrected. Keep in mind that everyone's weight loss journey will differ so don't compare yourself to others! The average weight loss for our patients on NutriMed meal replacements is 3 - 5 lbs per week.
  • Can you tell me a little about the program? (click for answer)
    Sure! Dr. Huegel meets one-on-one with each patient and everyone's program is individualized. During your initial visit, she will spend time assessing your health status, conducting body composition analysis to determine your metabolic needs, and devising a customized food and exercise plan for you. Dr. Huegel will have bloodwork and an EKG done, and review the results with you. She will meet with you during your 12 week program and you'll be medically monitored, she'll review your program and address any issues that arise. You will also learn cognitive behavioral techniques with our certified counselor/ behaviorist Lisa Kaplan. She will help you change your unhelpful thinking patterns. When you change your thoughts, your behavior will follow for permanent, lifelong success. Dr. Huegel's goal is not only to have her patients reach their weight loss goals, but to keep the weight off for good and she believes these techniques make the difference!
  • Do you prescribe appetite suppressants? (click for answer)
    If it is appropriate for the patient, Dr. Huegel will prescribe appetite suppressants. As a rule, she prefers to get patients off of medications, (such as for high blood pressure or diabetes) but certain prescriptions have worked well for patients who are healthy enough to take them and if they come in for regularly scheduled monitoring. Any additional medical interventions will be prescribed on an individual basis.
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  • What is the cost of the program? (click for answer)
    Dr. Huegel has many different programs - each individualized for the best needs of the patient. It is best to schedule a consultation to determine what your cost will be. There are also several payment options that we can discuss with you. Call us at (732) 389-0131
  • What is the cost for a consultation? (click for answer)
    The cost for a consultation with Dr. Huegel is $49 which is applied to the cost of the program if you join.
  • Do you accept insurance? (click for answer)
    We do not accept insurance at this practice; You are more than welcome to pay using a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA). In addition, some of our patients have submitted claims to their insurance companies and received reimbursement. If you are able to do that, we are more than happy to provide the information you need on the claim form and print out an itemized bill.
  • What if I need to lose more weight after the initial 12 weeks? (click for answer)
    At your final visit, you and Dr. Huegel will discuss your accomplishments. Together, you will decide what the next step in your journey will be. Most patients choose to continue with weekly visits while others decide to come biweekly, for example. Again, this decision is made as a team with the doctor and is based on your personal needs.
  • Is anything off-limits on this program? (click for answer)
    Nothing is off-limits unless there is something that you shouldn't have because of health issues. Portion control is key and staying within your calorie range is important. If you have upcoming social situations such as a wedding, or parties, talk to Dr. Huegel about the best strategy. For patients following one of our NutriMed eating plans, there will be temporary restrictions during the weight loss phase of the program while utilizing meal replacements.
  • Are there payment options? (click for answer)
    Our program is an investment in your health. While we do ask for full payment at the start of your program by check, credit card, or cash, we also have CareCredit available which is an interest-free credit plan for healthcare visits. Dr. Huegel covers the fees for CareCredit so there would be no additional costs for the patient, providing you make your payments in a timely manner. Our program is also a good way to use your Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings Account.