Sometimes you need outside help to get on track, and Medimorphosis has done that for me. The structured program along with one on one counselling keeps me focused, and on track--- guaranteed success! P.S.
- P.S. Little Silver

About Lisa Kaplan

Certified Behavioral Counselor / Office Manager

Lisa KaplanLisa is our Certified Behavioral Counselor/Office Manager. She is trained and experienced in cognitive therapies, behavioral techniques, and problem-solving. Lisa completed rigorous training programs in nutrition, exercise science and weight management science. She uses her diverse skills to guide, educate and motivate patients to successful and long-term weight loss and weight management.  Lisa works one on one with our patients, strategizing on how to navigate through life's social events.

As a teenager, Lisa struggled with her weight. She successfully lost her weight and more importantly, has kept it off for more than 33 years. She hasLisa's Before and After empathy for each patient she works with. They feel comfortable knowing she understands their struggles first hand. 

Lisa graduated with honors with a B.A. degree from Rutgers University. As an undergraduate, she was the Student Center Manager, where she taught dance to the students as part of a fitness program she designed.

After graduation, she worked for a national sales organization where her dynamic personality and her interpersonal, customer service and leadership skills quickly got her promoted from Sales to Manager to Division Manager.  She supervised 10 area managers with a sales force of 70-100 people. Her ability to optimize performance through motivation, training and coaching led her to be  awarded "Top Woman Division Manager" in the country.

On a personal note, Lisa has a wonderful husband and three beautiful children. She is proud that she can be a true healthy role model for her family.