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Dr. Claudia Huegel Board Certified Physcician Dr. Claudia Huegel, MD
Board Certified Physician

So, you’re considering losing weight and you have made the difficult decision to get started. Your next question is why choose Medimorphosis Physician Assisted Weight Loss? Dr. Huegel and our expert team of caring providers treat overweight and obesity as a chronic medical condition. We have been in the field of bariatrics (medical weight management) for over a decade. We possess the knowledge and experience that you can only find in a well-established, highly-regarded medical weight management practice. This is why many area physicians refer and entrust their patients’ care to us. The focus of our practice is on the cause of the problem while following evidence-based and scientifically sound practices to lead to better weight loss and health improvement. As a result, our patients enjoy a very high rate of success.

In addition to using several research-based food plans, physical activity and education, we use motivation, accountability, and continuous, compassionate support to help you achieve your goals. Moreover, we incorporate cognitive behavioral techniques to teach you how to think differently in order to change your behavior permanently. Stress-reduction techniques such as tapping, breathing exercises, yoga, qi gong, biofeedback and meditation are all tools we often employ to enable you to adhere to your new, healthier way of life.

Like any other chronic illness, the use of medication and supplements may become necessary and is accomplished with the safety of our clinically experienced team. We understand that each patient is a unique individual with varying circumstances that led to his/her weight gain. That is why no two programs are exactly alike. We work one on one with you to assess your needs and taylor your experience to address your goals. We are passionate about the work we do and hope you will join us in your journey to better health and a better life.

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Host David Bertone, PT, DPT, OCS interviews guest Claudia Huegel, MD on "You and Your Health" talk show  on OBTV. Dr. Huegel discusses her physician directed weight loss program.



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